[Marxism] News that didn't "fit" in the New York Times

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed May 25 07:18:36 MDT 2005

Everybody is, I guess, conscious that the view of the world passed off by
Faux News is, shall we say, a highly creative product.

What people don't seem to be so readily eager to accept is that ALL
corporate U.S. media at this point is the same way, even the "opposition,"
like the New York Times.

There was a good example of this yesterday. In two separate roadside
ambushes, Iraqi patriots killed seven occupation troops. This is part of the
BBC website report:

"Seven US soldiers killed in Iraq 

"Seven US soldiers have been killed in two separate bomb attacks in Iraq. 

"In the first incident three members of the 3rd Infantry Division died as a
car bomb exploded in central Baghdad as their patrol passed along the road. 

"Shortly afterwards it was announced that four members of II Marine
Expeditionary Force were killed in an attack in Haswa, 50km south of

"More than 100 Iraqis have also been killed or injured in wave of bombings
since Monday morning. 

"Details of the anti-US attacks are still coming in and the dead soldiers
have not been identified as next of kin are being informed."

*  *  *

In total, some 14 or 15 U.S. troops have died since Sunday (there are
conflicting reports). Although it is hard to tell, this may be due to the
ballyhooed house-to-house sweeps being carried out in Baghdad and other
cities. Increased U.S. sallies outside their fortified bases is going to
expose more troops to ambushes.

We don't, of course, have any wounded figures on the current fighting but we
know from past experience that, on average, ten or so U.S. soldiers are
wounded for every one killed. Of those, about half are light wounds and the
soldiers return to their units within three days. Of those that don't, more
than half are permanently our of combat and are evacuated out of the
country, although the Pentagon long ago stopped giving any figures on this. 

Unless these recent deaths are a complete fluke, which is possible but not
likely since they follow a pattern of increasing U.S. casualties, we can
assume U.S. troops have taken around 150 casualties in three days. That's
some pretty intense fighting, by Iraq War standards. 

Now go look in the New York Times for the story on this today. You won't
find it. Oh, sure, if you dig you'll see the dead figure buried in a story,
in this case, "Internet Posting Says Zarqawi, America's Most Wanted Man in
Iraq, Has Been Wounded."

Several sentences down in the story we see "The Web posting [about Zarqawi
being wounded], whose authenticity could not be confirmed, came as a series
of insurgent attacks killed nine American troops across Iraq on Monday and
Tuesday, bringing the three-day total of dead American servicemen to 14.

"The attacks on Tuesday included a suicide car bombing on an expressway in
southern Baghdad that killed three soldiers and reduced their Humvee to a
tangle of charred scrap. The attacks continued a wave of insurgent violence
that has killed 58 American troops and about 600 Iraqi civilians since the
beginning of May."


*  *  *

What's going on here is transparent. An unconfirmed and unconfirmable web
posting about Zarqawi, that it is entirely possible originated with a U.S.
disinformation/propaganda operation, is given the main play, while the
military blows of the resistance to the occupation forces is buried. 


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