[Marxism] Re: Oskar Lafontaine leaves SPD - WASG + PDS should runtogether

Michael Sims mjsbpmagen-mxmail at yahoo.fr
Wed May 25 08:19:18 MDT 2005

I think that Kaus Ernst's opinion, mentioned in the two articles below, 
that the presence of an "extreme" left faction in a party drives the 
voters away, is unfounded.

I'm quite sure that a different logic applies to the parties of the left 
than those of the bourgoisie.

Please correct me if am wrong, but without any figures in front of me, 
but from memory, I have the impression that the PDS was a far more 
attractive party for the voters with its communist faction and heated 
discussions than the present party which some marxists have left while 
others have put themselves under the yoke of party discipline.

The party now has the peace of the cemetary and, irony of ironies, is 
now far closer to the old bureaucratic SED image, but in 
social-democratic pose, than it was before with its lively faction 
disputes between marxists and reformists.

Am I right in believing the voters preferred the latter ?


Johannes Schneider wrote:
> Perhaps here your are right to call my remarks 'jaundiced'. But as you made
> your experiences with the Healyites, I made mine with Linksruck...
> Given the anti-Trotskyte witch hunt from the side of members of the WASG
> executive, I find your (ie Linksruck) defence of left pluralism inside the
> WASG rather lame. The only piece I found is:
> http://www.sozialismus-von-unten.de/lr/artikel_1345.html
> The isl defence is much more outspoken in this case:
> http://members.aol.com/soz0650/0504091.htm
> There are numerous other pieces in SoZ dealing with bureaucratic tendencies
> inside WASG.

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