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Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Wed May 25 12:19:38 MDT 2005

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> Hi Marvin and Walker,
> I have been saying to Peter that I will write you for the last few days! 
> So
> we have been thinking about you too.  Thanks for the note.  I<m sorry your
> house hasn<t sold yet.  It is a good house, so it should sell.  We have
> company this weekend and the following weekend we will be in Toronto.  So
> why don't you come for supper this Sunday--very simple--meat, potatoes,
> vegetable.  Then in a couple of weeks we could go bicycling by your condo.
> We are leaving for France June 29.  We went to a Green Party fundraiser 
> last
> night.
> Lorraine
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> From: Marvin Gandall [mailto:marvgandall at rogers.com]
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> Subject: Keeping in touch
> Hi guys: How're you doing? Haven't heard from you for a while. We've been
> busy keeping the house in shape for showings and looking at furniture,
> blinds, and appliances for the new one. Also, our routine physicals and
> associated blood tests, and my colonoscopy (just returned from it) were 
> this
> week. Seems to us the real estate market has really softened. It's nearly
> two months - lots of showings, but a reluctance to buy, maybe because of 
> all
> the widepread publicity about a top. In retrospect, we should have grabbed
> an earlier offer of 440k, but didn't feel we knew the market enough to 
> judge
> at the time. Now we know.:) We're not over- or underpriced, as far as we 
> can
> tell from looking at other listings, drive-bys and speaking to realtors 
> and
> contractors. Fortunately, we're not in a hurry. I'm just sitting in the 
> new
> sitting room we created out of our former eating area and looking  out at
> the garden and trees in full bloom, and glad to still be here. Condo also
> looks good after having just been painted, and it has its own attractions.
> Maybe we can do some cycling together along the Quebec side one of these
> nice sunny days, and stop off there to eat our sandwiches. Anyway, drop us 
> a
> line or give us a call when you get a chance so we can try and firm
> something up.
> M

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