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Wed May 25 20:02:22 MDT 2005

Here is the URL of an article I wrote for the May 19 issue of Workers World:


The first few paragraphs:

An important referendum on the new European Union constitution is set 
for May 29 in France, the one country where the vote is too close to 
call. Because of this the struggle in France over the referendum has 
drawn Europe-wide attention.

In general, communist and far-left parties and most trade unions in 
Europe oppose the new constitution, which must be approved by all 25 
members of the EU before it can go into force.

The constitution would strengthen the central authority of the EU in 
relation to its individual members, would increase the power of the 
European-based monopolies against the working class in the individual 
countries, would increase the police and repressive powers of the 
European states, and would invest more money into the EU’s joint 
military forces.

It would also strengthen Europe in its economic competition with the 
United States. But it would do this by strengthening European capital 
against the Euro pean working class. And it would weaken small farmers 
while helping agribusiness.

PS: According to tonight's French TV news, it appears to many 
politicians in France, like Bove. Bedsancourt and a PS senator, the 
no-vote has the upper hand.


Pieinsky wrote:

> This story is interesting, if journalistically snide: 
> http://news.independent.co.uk/europe/story.jsp?story=641441. Anybody 
> got any good Marxist analysis of what's happening in France right now 
> vis a vis the upcoming EU vote? What's the "correct line"?
> jay
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