[Marxism] Nationalization! The First Two Days of Bolivia's SecondGas War

Jorge Martin jorge at marxist.com
Thu May 26 03:35:28 MDT 2005

Yesterday two Lieutenant Colonels made a public appeal in favour of the 
nationalisation of hydrocarbons and asked Mesa to resign to make room for a 
"government of the people".

With tens of thousands of miners, teachers, peasants, workers, etc mobilised 
and in the capital La Paz for the last week it is difficult to see what 
tricks can Mesa play. At the same time there is the issue of the Santa Cruz 
oligarchy going for "autonomy", that is keeping control of natural resources 
for themselves.

Lula and Kirchner have sent especial envoys and are said to be "worried" 
about the situation. The Church and the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights 
have called for a "national dialogue" to which Morales and Mesa have agreed. 
The MAS and other organisations, which on Monday under the mass pressure of 
the cabildo abierto in La Paz, gave Mesa four days to fulfill their demands 
or they would "close down parliament", have now given him another four days. 
Parliament is due to resume its sessions on Tuesday next week. Yesterday 
Mesa briefly announced the calling of a Constituent Assembly but then 
withdrew the annnouncement.

These are some of the most recent events, which have happened after this 
article was written:

"Bolivia faces a new revolutionary wave
On Monday, May 16th a new wave of mobilisations of Bolivian workers and 
peasants broke out, which is increasingly raising the question of power once 
again. The Bolivian masses are revealing an unprecedented level of 
revolutionary determination to see the struggle through to the end. By Jorge 
Martin (May 25, 2005)" 

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