[Marxism] Sino-Soviet Split

Lance Murdoch lancemurdoch at gmail.com
Thu May 26 10:23:40 MDT 2005

One thing that has struck me about the Sino-Soviet split is how the
two major self-described socialist states of the time could not get
along.  Then there was the USSR's relationship with the Warsaw Pact
(DDR, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Albania) and
Yugoslavia.  Compare this to how well the capitalist states have
gotten along since 1945.  Of course, the capitalist states did not get
along prior to 1945...

As far as the Wikipedia article mentioned here, it was mostly written
by Adam Carr, a fanatically anti-communist Wikipedia contributor. 
I've pretty much given up on making articles on Wikipedia "neutral",
but before I did, this article was one of the ones I successfully
changed.  I removed sentences like "The Soviets viewed Mao's militancy
as a dangerous complication. They were not prepared to give him
nuclear weapons which he might use to start a new war in Korea or over
Taiwan." and "After 1967, China descended into chaos, while Mao used
the Cultural Revolution as a pretext to remove all his rivals from
power and overthrow the existing structures of state and party."

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