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Nigel Irritable nigel_irritable at yahoo.com
Thu May 26 13:22:43 MDT 2005

The formation of the WASG in Germany is an extremely
interesting development. As yet the final character of
the organisation remains open although the social
democratic right wing of the party are clearly

If Oskar Lafontaine joins the WASG and if a joint
initiative of some kind with the PDS is launched this
will obviously change things. It will lead to dramatic
opportunities for growth but at least in the short
term it will strengthen the right wing.

As Johannes outlined both of the relatively sizeable
Trotskyist organisations in Germany, Socialist
Alternative (SAV) and Linksruck, have joined the WASG
as have some of the others. The approaches of the SAV
and Linksruck have been markedly different however. 

The SAV argue for the new party to develop a socialist
programme and as a direct consequence are being
witchhunted by the right wing. Linksruck by contrast
have been some of the most vocal advocates for a
"Keynsian" programme and thus are tolerated by the
right wing at least for the moment. Einde gave
explained Linksruck's reasoning in his contribution.

To put it mildly the Linksruck comrades have been
tepid in their defence of the right of SAV members to
participate in the new formation. I gather for
instance that the Linksruck member on the National
Executive of the WASG abstained on the issue of
allowing three SAV members in Rostock to join the
party, including one of SAV's city councillors.

There has been a lot of English language coverage of
the WASG on the website of the Committee for a Workers
International and those interested can get a picture
of the SAV's analysis and of the debates within the
formation there.


Those who speak German would be better off going
straight to the websites of
Socialist Alternative:
Linksruck: www.linksruck.de
WASG: http://www.asg-wahlalternative.de/

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