[Marxism] Re: After Fallujah -- another rough beast slouches towards Baghdad

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at virgin.net
Thu May 26 13:55:50 MDT 2005

Brian Shannon cited the report: < BAGHDAD, Iraq, May 26 - The new Iraqi
government announced sweeping measures today to clamp down on insurgents in
Baghdad and the rest of the country, saying it would deploy 40,000 Iraqi
troops in the capital over the next week. In the operation, soldiers and
security forces will set up 600 checkpoints around Baghdad, some of them
mobile, and will check the identification of Iraqis in neighborhoods and
hotels... The operation, which will divide Baghdad into seven areas, will
also include raids on suspected insurgent hideouts. >

Words that come to mind here are 'martial law', 'military occupation',
'police state', other list members will think up others. Does the new
quisling government -- for that is what it is -- really think it has the
manpower to do this? Will this not build up resistance to a new,
unprecedented peak? This could even trigger a civil war.

Paul F

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