[Marxism] Re: After Fallujah -- another rough beast slouches towards Baghdad

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu May 26 17:17:23 MDT 2005


it is certainly throwing down the gauntlet to the 
Resistance.  Juan Cole has reported that the Iraqi forces 
have been able to make gains on Haifa Street, which had been 
something like a no-go area.  

What seems to be happening and I am no military expert is 
that the Americans and the government, and you describe them 
accurately as Quislings, are trying to take on the resistance 
in set pieces. This is really I think part of an effort to 
get rid of the no-go zones.  

They destroyed Fallujah in order to "save" it and it now 
looks as if they are moving on to "save" the capital itself.  
What the Americans seem to be doing is to try and employ the 
strategy that worked so well in Afghanistan - Local troops 
(basically non-Pashtun tribes) + American fire power pitched 
against the enemy. But can they really use their airoplanes 
in Baghdad? Certainly they will have contemplated doing 
that.  We shall see.

In any case the next few weeks will mark I feel a decisive 
phase.  Politically the election and the emrgence after three 
months of a government has not helped the Imperialists all 
that much. Militarily the Americans do not have enough troops 
on the ground and cannot get more in there. That is of course 
the material basis of their "Iraqificaiton" of the war  
policy. We will also see now if the Shiite and Kurdish Army 
and militias will play the role that the Indian Army did in 
1920 and help to crush the resistance.



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