[Marxism] RE:Good news! UFPJ also calls antiwar protest for DC 9/24 (reply to Joaquin)

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Thu May 26 23:57:48 MDT 2005

Isn't the other crucial factor the Mobilization for Global Justice in 
Washington, and their long-planned protest the same weekend at the World 
Bank/IMF meetings (Wolfowitz's first)?

I gather from Johannesburg activists that the precedent for joint protests 
(anti-war and global justice) will be set when Wolfy2 comes to town within 
the next month...

2005-05-25 04:59 (New York)

   Controversial new World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz will visit
South Africa and other African countries next month, the Financial
Mail reports in its latest edition.
   It will be Wolfowitz's first international foray as head of the
Bank, beginning just two or three weeks after he formally assumes
the post on June 1.
   The swiftness of his action will serve a two-fold purpose: to
deflect worldwide criticism of his appointment at the behest of US
president George W Bush, and to add substance to his stated
commitment to make Africa the Bank's "top priority".
   World Bank spokesman in Pretoria, Mallory Saleson confirmed
Wolfowitz's trip, saying he would arrive in South Africa "about the
middle of June".
   She would not be more specific nor disclose which other
countries he would visit or who he would meet, saying the itinerary
had yet to be finalised.
   Nevertheless, he is expected to stop in at least three other
   In South Africa, Wolfowitz is expected to meet President Thabo
Mbeki and finance minister Trevor Manuel, who also chairs the
Bank's development committee -- which advises the Bank and
International Monetary Fund on critical development issues of
developing countries.
   Presidential spokesman Bheki Khumalo said President Mbeki had
received a request to meet Wolfowitz, and "he is very willing to
see him -- it will happen; it is just a matter of matching the
   Wolfowitz's appointment to the Bank is controversial not for
what he has said -- his utterances since nomination to the position
have been the model of propriety -- but for what he represents.
   He has been a leading neo-conservative in the Bush
administration where, as deputy defence secretary, he played a key
role in the US's decision to invade Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein
in reprisal for the terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon
in September 2001.
   Critics regard his ascent to the Bank as an attempt by
Washington to impose its will on the 184-nation global development
institution -- a charge anti-globalisation activists have long
tried to make stick, and which Wolfowitz himself has contested.
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