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>From www.venezuelasolidarity.org

Special Indonesia-Venezuela Appeal

>From Action in Solidarity with Asia and Pacific (A.S.A.P)

Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific has received an appeal
from the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD) in Indonesia to help raise
funds for an Indonesian activist to join the Venezuelan Solidarity
Brigade leaving Australia for Caracas this August. "News of what is
happening in Venezuela is reaching Indonesia too," said Dita Sari, PRD
Chairperson. "Students here are starting to set up Venezuelan
Solidarity Communities on the campuses. The example of the struggle
for socialism in Venezuela is inspiring people, even with just access
to what is on the internet and through the showing of videos. Imagine
the impact if an Indonesian activist could return from Venezuela with
direct experience of the revolution, with photos and video footage. He
would tour and speak on the campuses. It would be fantastic!"

But Dita also reminded us, Venezuela is even further away from their
base than it is from Australia. It is a long way away in kilometres
and even more in rupiah. "The daily wage of a worker here is less than
a dollar. Our movement is based on workers. Students are hardly better
off by the time they pay the fees at the newly corporative
universities. Many of our members have dropped out anyway and are
full-time activists earning money here and there by translating. It
will cost tens of millions of rupiah to pay for a ticket and expenses
from Jakarta to Caracas. So we are appealing: can A.S.A.P. help us?"

A.S.A.P. has decided to try to help. We have no funds at the moment,
but we do have a network and sympathizers. We are appealing to you,
help us raise the AU$4,000 minimum that is needed. Contact us at
ASAP_Max_Lane at bigpond.com or deposit your donation into Peoples Power
Fighting Fund Account, Commonwealth Bank of Australia BSB: 062 026
ACCOUNT NO: 1006 0743

Max Lane
National chairperson A.S.A.P.



Venezuela: another Strategy to win Democratic Transitional Program
Lesson for Indonesian Democratic Struggle

The revolutionary and simultaneous political transformation in
Venezuela becomes an inspiration for democratic movement in all over
the world that struggle for an alternative of a more just world. The
revolution that is spreading and growing in Venezuela is a hope for
the relentlessly socialist movement. Looking from the ongoing
revolutionary process, the progress of people's consciousness and
people's desire to have a country of social justice cannot be stopped
by any power.

The lessons that particularly can be taken by the Indonesian
democratic people movement are; first, the progress and the well-being
of the people is determined by the character of the government.
Therefore, to fight against a government with the character of
comprador to imperialism, there must not be any half-heartedness in
carrying out the struggle for power in any front - parliamentarian and
extra parliamentarian. The second lesson is that a sovereign
government is the condition for the realisation of popular programmes.
Thirdly, the support, participation and mobilisation of the people is
the condition for the progress of those programmes.

Our people in Indonesia need encouragement and many revolutionary
examples for the possibilities of an alternative system. The youth, as
the driving force of political change has to be inspiring how to fight
against imperialism and militarism; how to make free education
possible;as the privatization of government Universities continue; how
to make the worker's control of the company even possible;as the lay
off and abandoned workers boost because the closed down of company;
how to make the distribution of land and modernization of the agrarian
system for the people even more possible, as the fundamental problems
have been land-capital-low-cost and mass technology for Indonesian

Even in the conflict area like Acheh and Papua. An inspiring
revolutionary political transformation happened in Venezuela need to
be broadened among pro-self determination organization and activists.
The self determination movement should be aware for the revolutionary
alternative struggle to answer fundamental problems of poor people;
those are poverty;capitalism, militarism, political feudalism.

As describe above in the A.S.A.P appeal, our intention to join World
Student and Youth Festival (WYSF) in Caracas this August has been a
tremendous dream. Our youth democratic movement should noticed the
revolutionary process happening in Latin America today, and share
their experience, dream, goal, ideas and hope for a better and just
world: above all the struggle for another world is absolutely
possible, as possible as people getting in power.

We need your help and post this appeal to raise funds for our
delegations to WYSF. We hope the delegations would be consisting of
student, young worker union, urban poor youth, women, and Aceh-Papua's
movement representatives. We're trying to consider this with
Venezuelan Embassy here in Indonesia;and waiting for the next meeting.

We're also organizing the campuses community for Indonesia
Venezuela-Cuba Solidarity"started with the screening of Revolution
Will Not be Televised and Chavez-Venezuela and the New Latin America
in Paramadhina and National University last month. We're trying to
recruit full time volunteers to continually raise the campaign of
Venezuela-Cuba revolutionary process.

Thanking you in advance.

Zely Ariane
People Democratic Party (PRD)

In Solidarity:
National Student League for Democracy (LMND), Indonesian National
Front for Labor Struggle (FNPBI), National Peasant Union (STN), The
Urban Poor People Union (SRMK), Mahardhika Women, Solidarity Movement
for Achenese People (SEGERA), Aceh-Papua Solidarity (SAP), Institute
of Liberation; Media and Social Sciences (LPMIS).

Free all the Political Prisoner,
STOP 'Secret' War in Aceh - Papua
Withdraw TNI form Aceh: Ceasefire Now for Self Determination
Extend Democratic Dialog for Papua People
Unite and Struggle to Establish the Government of United People for
Indonesian Socialism
STOP Imperialist Permanent War trough anti war-imperialism movement's unity
Another World - Another Power - People Power IS POSSIBBLE !

Central Leadership Committe - People's Democratic Party (KPP-PRD):

Zely Ariane
(Departement of International Relations)

Jl. Tebet Utara II No. 9
Jakarta Selatan 12810 Indonesia
Telp. (62)(21)8291745
Mobile. (62)815-8126673

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