[Marxism] Newman cult

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Sat May 28 08:27:45 MDT 2005

My personal irritation at Fulani is similar to my irritation about 
Paris Hilton and Donald Trump. They became famous for what they did 
that was offensive to most people's sensibilities and now they are 
rewarded for it.

In the case of Fulani, it was the campaign sticker that announced that 
She Is Black and Beautiful!

I am still looking for it. I'll have to see if the NYU library has a 
file on the New Alliance Party.

BTW, the LaRouche group no longer attacks people either, and there is 
pretty good evidence that Newman was an active member while that was 
going on. Of course, he was no more physically involved than LaRouche 

The intertwined manipulation of main-line politicians with cult-like 
groups is not new. This was what worked for Jim Jones of the Jonestown 
infamy when he was in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Willie Brown, Mayor George Moscone, and Jerry Brown and several other 
politicians were deeply involved in granting significant political 
status to Jones, who used his organization to add hundreds of free 
campaign workers to Democratic Party campaigns.

For more on Jonestown: 

Brian Shannon

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