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Sat May 28 10:47:13 MDT 2005

>BTW, the LaRouche group no longer attacks people either, and there is 
pretty good evidence that Newman was an active member while that was 
going on. Of course, he was no more physically involved than LaRouche 

Brian is right to point out that the LaRouche cult has long moved 
upscale from physical thuggery. Today they're basically a pain in the 
ass at campus antiwar meetings, ranting about Plato and the evil 
Straussian neocons. If Newman is a psychotherapist then he's practicing 
without a licence. He has a PH.D. in Philosophy and taught for a while 
at Case Western in the '60s. He wrote a book on Sartre and a pretty good 
one on Carl Hempel, a positivist philosopher of science, on the nature 
of explanation in science and historiography. Yes, Newman and his 
therapy cult of about 30 people joined the LaRouchites during the 
operation mop-up period, with which Newman had no problem. He quickly 
exited the NCLC when it was made clear that no challenge to LaRouche's 
theoretical authority would be tolerated after issuing a long critique 
of LaRouche from a materialist perspective. The bizarre psychosexual 
internal workings of the Newman cult, reminiscent of the Jim Jones 
outfit, are available on the net. A glance at this stuff should allay 
fears that these cranks will outlive Newman. The fact that they keep 
popping up reflects that the group has accumulated quite a bit of money 
and presents a patina of bourgeois legitimacy with its stable of 
professional psychologists and other Manhatten based professionals. In 
the early 1970s, prior to his going beserker, a small number of us in 
the Boston SWP including Larry Trainor considered some of LaRouche's 
ideas on the world economy of interest when seasoned with a healthy 
grain of salt. Larry had a certain fondness for the 'Lindy' of old but 
considered him to have always been a manic and eccentric intellectual. 
The Trotskyist movement's penchant for attracting dilettantes of this 
type has been often noted. It's symptomatic of the ravages isolation, 
and its cousin, sectarianism can  bring. BTW: The rational kernel in 
LaRouche's Luxemburgist economics of old has been extracted from its 
mystical shell and developed by Loren Goldner. This is no stain on Goldner.
Bob Montgomery

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