[Marxism] Open Letter to Comrades in the Labor Movement

Doug Smiley dougsmiley at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 28 11:37:48 MDT 2005

28 May 2005 

Re: AFL-CIO Crisis and Debate

To: Teamsters for a Democratic Union, Brothers and
Sisters in the labor movement and Comrades in the

We are at a crossroad in the labor movement. The path
we take together after the July AFL-CIO convention
will have so much of an impact on the average working
family. We must be engaged in this 'great debate'
within the labor movement and not be passive and
complacent. We must ask hard questions and test the
democracy within the labor movement. General President
Hoffa has formed an alliance with three other
dissident unions; the SEIU, the Laborers and
UNITE-HERE. Andy Stern, president of the SEIU and the
most outspoken of the group, has issued a statement
saying that if John Sweeney is re-elected, this
dissident group of union will split from the AFL-CIO.
Stern and Hoffa are calling for massive mergers among
unions in the same industry. This is not real
organizing but rather this is inflating union
membership through consolidation. If you'll read the
proposal located at www.unitetowinblog.org you won't
find any mention of class struggle against corporate
oppression or an end to the illegal U.S. occupation of
Iraq. You won't find any mention of stopping Bush's
attack on the working class or his plan to steal
Social Security by privatization. Let's push for real
union democracy while keeping the AFL-CIO intact. We
need solidarity in the face of growing corporate
global oppression on workers. It was a conscious class
struggle which gave us the strong labor movement in
the 1930s and it will take a renewed commitment to
class struggle among the working class to grow the
labor movement again.

Unity will keep us strong. Not a divided labor

In struggle,

Doug Smiley
Indianapolis, IN

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