[Marxism] Re Newman Cult

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat May 28 11:38:41 MDT 2005

ilyenkova wrote:
>The fact that they keep popping up reflects that the group has accumulated 
>quite a bit of money and presents a patina of bourgeois legitimacy with 
>its stable of professional psychologists and other Manhatten based 

Somebody I am very close to interviewed at a nonprofit geared to 
educational programs founded by Fulani. They stressed that Fulani was an 
"activist" with controversial views and asked if that would be an 
impediment. My friend, who is a struggling graduate student and hip to 
their scene, said that would be no problem--they paid well! The interviewer 
also underlined the significant corporate support the nonprofit got, 
including from Chase Manhattan and elsewhere. She did not get hired, but 
has gotten much better gigs adjunct teaching in NYC. I wonder if the Newman 
cult can be compared to Frank Furedi's posse in Great Britain. Both outfits 
seem to have a nose for making it despite controversy. 

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