Fwd: [Marxism] "we now have very, very low propensity to enlist"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat May 28 13:42:21 MDT 2005

Paul B. wrote:

>Just got finished reading this. I quess it was an interview with Major 
>General Michael Rochelle, Recruitment Commander  for the Army.
>I found it interesting that the monthly goal for each recruiter was 2 
>(two). This is the number they're having trouble meeting. Another way of 
>looking at it is, that even a "successful" recruiter who just barely makes 
>the quota, has only two enlistees to show for a month of working 60+ hours 
>per week of beating the bushes for enlistees.

The other thing that I just realized while running around Central Park and 
thinking about all this is how different a period this is from the 1960s. 
Although a lot of liberals think that we are in a very dark period 
bordering on fascism, the truth is that there is not a lot of solid support 
for the occupation of Iraq. Except for the stupid magnet stickers on SUV's, 
there is very little in the way of visible pro-war manifestations. In the 
early 1970s, you had patriotic rallies all around the country largely 
organized by VFW's, construction union bureaucrats, etc. Some of these were 
quite large and became violent on occasion. There is *nothing* like this 
today. There were a few spates during the early months of the war led by 
country musicians, AM deejays, etc. but that is gone with the wind. 

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