[Marxism] Hundreds denounce three cross burnings in Durham, NC

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Sat May 28 14:44:36 MDT 2005

Hundreds gather to denounce cross burnings
5/27/2005 9:18 AM
By: Shelvia Dancy & Web Staff
People in Durham have united to speak out against three cross burnings
across the city.

Hundreds gathered for vigils Thursday to denounce the hateful acts. The
community is pulling together to spread a different message.

For Theresa El-Amin, from the Southern Anti-Racism Network, standing at the
site of one of the cross burnings in Durham brings back memories.

"I came up as a person in the SNCC in Alabama registering people to vote, so
cross burnings and those kinds of things were common practice," she said.

But what happened Wednesday night is something she can't forget.

El-Amin explained, "It was pretty hard to see the planning that must've gone
into it, because the burlap cloth that must have been soaked with gasoline,
there were still pieces of the cloth on the ground here."

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