[Marxism] "we now have very, very low propensity to enlist"

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat May 28 16:34:43 MDT 2005

"Carlos A. Rivera" wrote:
> This has to do with the perception, among economic draftees, that the Air
> Force and Navy are "safer":

Damn right. Safer with a regular draft too. That's why in Michigan 1000
of us enlisted in the USAF in one day, January 6, 1951. (The Air Force
had announced that day that it was cutting off enlistments as of 9:00
that night.) We called each other draft dodgers, and that's what the
training personnel at Lackland called us. I spent four years using up
graph paper, pencils, and erasers for NSA in Washington, D.C. Much nicer
than getting shot at in Korea. Now it's fun sometimes to watch people's
face when I tell them that 50 years ago I had a top secret clearance.


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