[Marxism] Re: Lincoln as industrial capitalist

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat May 28 17:54:18 MDT 2005

No, Lincoln wasn't "a railroad lawyer."  He handled a few cases for
railroads, but he didn't get paid for the biggest one.  Lincoln was
self-taught and not a college-educated lawyer.  He made a good living
only by riding circuit. 

The party system was in chaos when Lincoln won election.  The Whigs
shattered in the North and survived only in part below the Mason-Dixon
line.  And the Democrats split.  

...btw, the capital and labor quote was, I think from a meeting he had
here in Cincinnati with a delegation of the local socialists...who would
have found the need to have this discussion pretty amusing...

Earlier in 1860, he visited New England during the biggest strike in
American history to that date...and he told the press that he thanked
God to live in a society where the workers had the right to go on
strike.  He explicitly stated that the government had no business
interfering in strikes and he acted accordingly (even if some of his
reactionary generals were not). 

None of the modern liberal presidents would have a similar record...not
LBJ, not JFK, not FDR.  

Mark L.

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