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A Few Profit While Many Go Without: A Look at What Is And Isn’t Being 
Paid For In Iraq

Patrick Resta, Specialist E/4, US Army

With a $400 billion defense budget and several $80 billion 
appropriations, you would think that soldiers in Iraq would have 
everything that they needed. However, over eighteen months after 
President Bush declared an end to major combat the Pentagon is still 
struggling to provide the equipment needed to fight the war. The 
situation often appears most problematic for members of National Guard 
and Reserve units.

The General who runs the Oregon Army National Guard confirmed as true 
reports of soldiers’ families having to buy radio equipment, body armor, 
GPS equipment, computers, and night vision goggles. He also spoke of a 
bullet shortage for training and his units using Vietnam era M-16 
rifles, which he called “not acceptable for duty in Iraq.” His soldiers 
have also been reduced to using walkie-talkies, which they had purchased 
from sporting goods stores. The signals for these radios are not 
encrypted and can easily be picked up with a scanner (Kroft 1-3).

While stories like this abound throughout Iraq, so do stories of 
widespread fraud, waste, and abuse by the private companies and 
government agencies that were entrusted to rebuild Iraq and support 
military operations.

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On The Folly of Browbeating Newsweek

Dimitrije Kostic

Why Newsweek is now slowly rotating on the spit for slandering 
Washington's efforts to "democratize" the world?

A quick summary of the events. On May 4, Newsweek published a short 
article [1] in which an anonymous insider alleged that a copy of the 
Koran had been flushed down a toilet by personnel at Guantanamo Bay in 
order to provoke prisoners during an interrogation (the article was 
apparently screened by the Pentagon before publication [2]). Responding 
to diplomatic pressure on May 10, the State Department condemned the 
desecration and the Pentagon opened an investigation into the affair. 
That did not stop thousands from participating in angry protests in 
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Gaza Strip in which several 
people were killed, a number of prominent politicians and religious 
leaders in the Muslim world issued strong condemnations, and official 
displeasure poured in from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, 
and the Arab League. On May 15, Newsweek backpeddled...

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The Black Panthers Reconsidered: Reflections from a White Girl

Meggie Shurcliff

I’ve always been mildly obsessed with the Black Panthers. I found 
everything about them intrinsically appealing: their berets, their 
weapons, their rebelliousness against white, capitalist politics, and 
the stark contrast between their often violent self defense methods and 
their gentle social programs for black youths. While writing a formal 
research paper on the New York City chapter of the Black Panther Party, 
I found it extremely difficult to attain an unbiased or even positive 
account of their history: mainstream America has reduced a viable 
political organization to Dangerous Black People with Guns, and 
completely disregarded the social programs they successfully 
implemented. In today’s politically obsessed, divided, and polarized 
society, there is much to be learned from the model the Black Panthers 
provided as a revolutionary, black nationalist, political organization.

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The Bastille

Jared McBride

the bastille! the bastille!

oh western civilization
my blood breathes
and you know me
your irreverent son
(a million sons, a million blood)

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