[Marxism] Genocide? 'Israel Buried 80 Tons of Nuclear Waste in the Palestinian Territories'

Ralph Johansen michele at maui.net
Sun May 29 00:37:05 MDT 2005

Israel Buried 80 Tons of Nuclear Waste in the Palestinian Territories, 
Says Minister of Health

GAZA, Palestine, May 16, 2005 (IPC) - -

The Minister of Health, Dr. Thohni Al Wuheidi, asserted that the Israeli 
authorities have buried 80 tons of Nuclear waste near the city of Nablus.

The Minister added that the waste were buried 300 meters away from 
Nablus, while the burial of more nuclear waste was still being completed 
around the rest of Gaza Strip and West Bank cities, especially those 
with high population intensity such as Nablus, Hebron and Gaza.

Dr. Al Wuheidi noted that this would affect the environment, and pollute 
the aquifer water with radiation, confirming previous warnings of Dr. 
Yousef Abu Safiyya, the head of Environment Quality Authority, who 
condemned the Israeli violations of the environment in the occupied 
Palestinian territories (oPt).

Dr. Abu Safiyya said in a press conference at IPC on April 10 that these 
violations contradict the international humanitarian law and the global 
environment treaties, considering the establishment of a waste landfill 
near Nablus the most dangerous violation against the Palestinian people.

He called on the UN agencies interested in environment to halt the 
Israeli transgressions, which endanger both the human beings and natural 

Abu Safiyya added, during the conference, that the issue of the Israeli 
environmental violations were more dangerous than the Apartheid Wall, 
explaining that the Wall can be torn down at any moment, while the 
environment and natural resources take hundreds or thousands of years to 
be mended.

He warned that since the Israeli occupation of 1967, there has been a 
systematic destruction of the Palestinian life and the possibility of 
living, in order to pressure Palestinians to abandon their lands. 
"Palestinians are killed directly, by bullets, rockets and shelling, but 
they are also killed silently and slowly for dozens of years now, 
through the pollution of their water sources, soil, plants and food," 
Abu Safiyya stressed.

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