[Marxism] [Fwd: For United Anti-War Action]]

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Sun May 29 12:05:40 MDT 2005

>>> hooverm at scc-fl.edu 05/29/05 1:41 PM >>>
'all out in d.c/nyc/wherever on _____' (fill in date) demo calls by
alphabet soup (ufpj, answer, abc, xyz) groups have little, if any,
relevance for folks other than those who always go to 'national'
protests, march for several miles, stand/sit at national mall/central
park/pentagon, listen to endless procession of tedious speeches, go

apologies for replying to self, comment above about relevance should
have included those mentioned above plus some new 'recruits' who get bit
jazzed - rightly so - about opportunity to be part of something, but who
often drift away after a short time because of their experience with
'activists'...   michael hoover 

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