[Marxism] [Fwd: For United Anti-War Action]]

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun May 29 12:12:03 MDT 2005

Michael Hoover wrote:
> there's good bit of anti-war sentiment around, there is no anti-war
> movement, groups such as two that have issued calls for september will
> not tap into former...  michael hoover

I agree with modification. UFPJ & ANSWER won't tap into that movement,
but local groups can use such national demos for their own purposes. For
the time being the "anti-war movement" only exists at local levels, and
the national demos serve mostly as a point of reference for such local

If the Iraqi resistance maintains itself, and if local groups go and
begin to form into regional and national linkages, perhaps by (say) 2007
the size and political dynamic of national demos will begin to make a
real difference --  i.e. will both really impact on the u.s. policy
_and_ will reflect real political development on the left. But people
should get out of their heads any idea of current 'single-issue'
national demos making the kind of political difference they did in the
'60s. The date is 2005 and history does NOT repeat itself.


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