[Marxism] 1997 posting "Struggle for N-plant Barsebäck" has actuality now

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at comhem.se
Sun May 29 16:16:18 MDT 2005

On my homepage at www.rolf-martens.com I've now added, in html
format, a repetition (with only small changes) of a posting
which I originally sent, in text document format, to a number
of newsgroups, mailing lists and individual e-mail addresses
on 10.05.1997, "UNITE! Info #033en: Struggle for N-plant

The reason for this is that at present, there once more is a
struggle here in Sweden, this time too one of considerable
international significance, over that nuclear power plant.

For some details on this struggle, see several relatively
recent items in the section at my homepage "News with brief
comments" and also message #005 in the section "News / Nyhe-
ter / Nyheder" at the homepage of the (non-party-political)
Committee Save Barsebäck, www.save-nukeplant-barsebaeck.com.

The present struggle in the next two days, 30-31 May 2005,
will be entering a critical phase. I recommend interested
readers to look out for information on how things turned out
both at my homepage and at that of the Committee Save Barse-

What the international mass media will be saying on this
matter - in case some of them will say something - it's best
to take with several grains of salt.

Rolf Martens
Malmö, Sweden 

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