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Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sun May 29 20:18:18 MDT 2005

"Carlos A. Rivera" wrote:
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> From: "Carrol Cox" <cbcox at>
> >  But people
> > should get out of their heads any idea of current 'single-issue'
> > national demos making the kind of political difference they did in the
> > '60s. The date is 2005 and history does NOT repeat itself.
> But alas, this is a myth. The 60s was never about single issues, even if a
> demo got called around single issues. It was rather the convergence of
> single issues, and the synergy developed around it (in particular, the
> joining of the black Civil Rights movement and the more white anti-war
> movement) that create the total movement.

I would not disagree with this at all (nor with the rest of your post).
But (especially it seems on this list at present) that myth is extremely
powerful, and in a short post it seemed unnecessary to try to
incorporate a lengthy analysis of the most complex movements of the

It was, I think, the general 'uproar' throughout the nation that placed
the most powerful constraints on u.s. warmaking capacity. Without that
'uproar' the demos in D.C. (a) would not have happened and (b) would not
have had a very strong impact in any case. That was the reality which I
tried to gesture towards in my May 9 & 10 posts on "Anti-Imperialism?"


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