[Marxism] Sino-Soviet Split and Chinese Invasion of Vietnam

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>As far as why did Pol Pot fight the Vietnamese, well, they invaded
>Cambodia in 1978.

Well yeh that's why they aligned with the Lon Nol forces they had previously
overhtrown to fight the Vietnamese after 1978. But I think the question was
about why they had been launching unrovoked attacks on Vietnam for three and
a half years before the "invasion".

Attacks that had left thousands of Vietnamese in the borderlands dead,
500,000 homeless, and forced 100,000 hectares of farmland in Vietnam's
Mekong rice-bowl to be abandoned. Attacks which bbegan in May 1975, just a
month after the liberation of Saigon and the seizure of power by the KR in
Cambodia, which then stepped u dramatically on April 30 1977 - the KR chose
the very date of the livberation of Saigon to attack all along the southern
border and kill hundreds of Vietnamese peasants.

A significant number of witnesses saw the results of KR brutality among the
piles of corpses in the borderzones, and the kind of horrific deaths they
suffered, similar to what the KR had imposed on the Camobodian people. Small
wonder the latter welcomed the Vietnamese as liberators in 1978 and the KR
collapsed like a pack of cards.

So the question remains not why did they fight the Vietnamese as part of the
US-backed counterrevolutionary army after 1978, but why did they fight
Vietnam before that time. And if you want to look starry eyed for an answer
within a context of thinking there was something 'socialist' or 'workers'
state' about the KR regime, then you're ruling out any logical answers
before you begin.

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