[Marxism] France: workers say NO to a capitalists' Europe

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Mon May 30 17:05:59 MDT 2005

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The referendum in France on the European Constitution has resulted in a decisive defeat for the ruling class

As the campaign gathered pace, the opposition to the treaty developed on a massive scale 

the people of France expressed their grievances * people attending public meetings spoke out angrily against
unemployment, against poor and inadequate housing, against falling wages and living standards, against factories moving to Poland or China in serach of higher profits. They spoke of the arrogance and brutality of the employers, the harassment of trade unionists, of racism and of the sorry plight of immigrants and political exiles, and of comfortable "socialist" politicians, who knew nothing of and cared even less for all of this

eu constitution - as it currently exists - represents capitalist interests/reflects neo-liberalism, both, quite obviously, must fought against, but it also offers opportunities for working class unity across national borders because of *objective* need for euro-wide activity/mobilization/organization re. very issues cited above... michael hoover 

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