[Marxism] France: workers say NO to a capitalists' Europe

Greg Dunkel gdunkel at mindspring.com
Mon May 30 18:00:56 MDT 2005

I don't know how decisive the French vote was.  According to France 2, 
the French television news available on the internet and also on channel 
25 in NYC, in almost all the country -- except for Britany, and a few 
pockets in Alsace and Lorraine, a majority voted for "no".

What impressed me was that the "no" vote was organized in the face of a 
huge media campaign for the "yes" vote, backed by the full might of the 
French government and all the parties that have ruled France in the past 
20 years or so -- Socialists, UMP, etcetera.  Even though the Socialist 
officially supported the "yes" it appears that 2/3 of their voters went 
for the "no".

I think this result stunned the European bourgeoisie, which wants to 
construct an economic, political and military power able to confront the 
U.S. and puts the vote in Holland, Poland, Denmark, Portugal and later 
in the UK up for grabs.  France 2 is predicting that the Dutch will go 
for "no", though the popular vote there is only advisory.


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