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# Subject: [Marxism] Negri urged yes vote on EU constitution
# From: Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>
# Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 16:18:14 -0400

  where Louis quotes another article from www.marxists.com, where the
autor explains that those

> Marxists have consistently called for a "no" vote in the
> referendums on the European constitution.
> We have consistently explained that European imperialism is
> fundamentally no different, and no better than
> US imperialism.

  Correct. But did they not explain that the imperialism of their
"own" bourgoisie is in no way better than the one of the other
imperialist powers within the European Union?

> To call for the support of the EU constitution amounts to
> supporting attacks on all the gains and victories of the
> past 50 years.

  To join forces with those favoring the strength of their own
bourgeoisie as the imperialist "lonely rider" who refuses to tie its
hands to the ones of the other European imperialist powers (or to be
closer with the even more powerful US imperialism), amounts to
support one's "own" bourgeoisie and their attacks on the working
people and oppressed nations.

> To call for the support of the EU constitution submits the
> interests of the working class to those of the bosses and
> supports a reactionary Europe.

   As long as one ties our class interests to the dealings and
conflicts between our masters, an independend class politics of our
class is not possible.

> What is needed is independent class politics. The working class must
> counter pose their own interests to those of the bosses.
> The working class  must struggle, not for a united capitalist Europe,
> but for a united socialist Europe.

  I would say, the working class should fight for the unity of all
working people and oppressed nations from the WORLD, not only of

  Severing the exploitive relations which our masters have with their
former and current colonies, and other oppressed nations.

  Not relying on the bosses and their states to deal with the wage
competition from workers in and from other countries, but forging
links from worker to worker, under exclusion of the bosses and their
states, fighting for common interests of working people. Not shutting
the borders, but a common fight for higher wages and shorter hours
for ALL of us.

Comradely yours,
Lüko Willms
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