[Marxism] Does anybody feel a draft? I don't

Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Mon May 30 18:46:09 MDT 2005

   I thought your post had many insightful components.  At this point, I agree 
with you.  Even though the military needs more troops, the administration is 
not stupid enough to go with a draft at this time.  Such a move would 
catalyze opposition to the rape of Iraq like nothing else could.

   Of course, in the case of another 9/11-type attack, all bets are off.

 In solidarity.

Ever wonder why half of NYC residents, the majority of Canadians and 
millions of people around the world think the US gov't was complicit 
in the attacks of Sep. 11th?  Get a free DVD video examining 9/11 at 
<http://reopen911.org/freedvd.php> and find out why!

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