[Marxism] Does anybody feel a draft? I don't

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon May 30 19:42:14 MDT 2005

We can't separate the idea of a draft being unnecessary from the notion
that the occupation forces are about to pacify Iraq. 

The timing of all this has always been obscure, but the trends are clar
enough.  The occupation isn't really going to end any time soon and the
longer it lasts, the more they're going to need replacement troops.  And
the more this continues, the less interest there will be in volunteering
to be among the replacements--or, more so, to return there after you've
been there.

All this points to conscription.

Joaquín is right that we have to avoid leaping to the easy conclusion
that the master class has created a situation where it has no immediate
options but such-and-such.  However, just because they've been able to
avoid the draft thus far doesn't mean they aren't sliding that

Mark L.

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