[Marxism] Does anybody feel a draft? I don't

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Mon May 30 20:22:08 MDT 2005

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>However, just because they've been able to
>avoid the draft thus far doesn't mean they aren't sliding that

The thing is, that all the data points to there not being a real crisis in 
recruitment, yet.

There is a crisis of *retention*, in particular the 25-to-35 year old group 
that before the war would have considered becoming lifers or career 
officiers. And to overcome this, a public lottery draft its not necessaary, 
simply the internal draft I outlined.

This is why Joaquin's point is correct.

Of course, they are sliding in that direction, as all volunteer armies in a 
state of war of all states have slided in that direction since conscription 
was invented. That is a general principle of volunteer State armies, good 
for defense, bad for offense.

Yet, the practical inmediate question, which is how to the forefront the 
oppossition to the draft should come, is better adressed by Joaquin's point. 
The draft is not in the air, not even in the higher levels. Proof can be had 
in Charles Rangel's provocation early before the war, re-stated a few days 
ago, to institute a draft "so the children of the rich can go and fight". It 
is obviously an excercise in irony (he voted against a Republican bill for 
the draft), but that he feels safe enough to throw that provocation around 
shows how far from a draft the ruling class was then and is now.






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