[Marxism] Class status of the military?

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Tue May 31 12:36:16 MDT 2005

Carrol Cox :

Carl Webb wrote:
> One of the disputes within in the anti-war movement is how to relate to
the military.  There are some that advocate the line "Support The Troops"
which is an idea some of us reject.  Some of us consider people in the
military as part of the reactionary anti-working class.  Are they to be
considered workers in unifrom(an idea I reject) or just part of a
reactionary class?


They are certainly part of the working class. If you want to put a nasty
label on them (though I don't think that is useful) call them scabs.


CB: Bolsheviks organized Soldiers' and Sailors' Soviets in the Czarist
military. Venezuela has Bolivarian Circles or units in the military, I

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