[Marxism] Socialist Leads U.S. Senate Race in Vermont

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Tue May 31 14:02:30 MDT 2005

Joe -- Sorry to be a downer here.  But I haven't heard Bernie talk about 
socialism or being a socialist in many years.  Yes, he can give a ringing 
populist rap about Bush's attacks on the welfare of people on behalf of the 
well-to-do, but he never addresses the need for transcending capitalism as a 
system.  I was present myself at the aforementioned May 1st Barre, Vermont 
Labor Hall dinner, where Bernie spoke.  It was a typical Bernie speech, 
which brought the crowd to its feet as the article describes.  But two 
things struck me: (1) He talked only about the "middle class" as being hurt 
by Bush and having its standard of living reduced and not about the working 
class -- and this at a labor dinner;  (2)  In his litany of bad things Bush 
has done, he said nothing about the Iraq War, either in general or in terms 
of its consequences for "middle class" or working class people.  Why?  Was 
he fearful of alienating possible voters for his Senatorial campaign because 
they might be pro-war?  I think he has a very narrow economistic idea of who 
workers are and what they think about things.  Also, when talking about 
trade issues like NAFTA, he said that he was an "internationalist".  Good. 
But he defined that, as any old liberal might, as "helping" people in other 
countries, not as standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them in the struggle 
against capitalism and imperialism.  I and a couple of other people, who 
have seen Bernie's behavior down through the years, did not get up out of 
our chairs to cheer.   Several years ago, I was one of a number of people 
who sat-in at Bernie's office in Burlington to protest his support for the 
war against Yugoslavia.  He had us arrested.

Furthermore, if you try to talk with him in person, he's an arrogant 
asshole.  Give me Dems e.g. Wellstone or Feingold, any day.


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