[Marxism] LCR and rejection of the draft EU Constitution

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue May 31 20:44:29 MDT 2005

The "official" Fourth International has taken a well deserved beating 
for "criticizing unambiguously" . . .  "the execution of three Cuban 
citizens and the heavy prison sentences imposed on other citizens who 
were expressing their desire to exercise their right of criticism."

Imagine Trotsky, who supported the reinstitution of the death penalty 
under the conditions of civil war in Russia and defended not only the 
execution of the whole family of the Czar and the crushing of 
Kronstadt, but wrote numerous pamphlets and even books defending the 
so-called terror of the Russian Revolution, making such a statement.

I take that back. It is not even possible to imagine.

Having made myself clear on this point, the defeat of the draft EU 
Constitution and the dynamic role of the LCR in that defeat, will 
undoubtedly open up prospects for the LCR.

Here is the Fourth International article on the victory.

from Brian Shannon

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