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Tony Tracy tony at tao.ca
Tue Nov 1 07:44:30 MST 2005

I thought that a number of comrades would be interested in this...

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Fréderic Lehembre <frederic.lehembre at sap-pos.org>
> Date: November 1, 2005 9:44:54 AM AST
> Subject: Ernest Mandel Internet Archive
> Dear comrades,
> As you probably now, a couple of months ago an Ernest Mandel website 
> was
> launched by the Belgian section of the FI. You can find it on
> http://www.ernestmandel.org/. There is still an enormous amount of 
> work to do to
> further elaborate this site. We can count on a number of comrades from
> different countries throughout the world to help us with that task. 
> For the
> moment we have a Dutch, French, English, Castilian, German and Catalan 
> page
> (the catalan and german one is not yet accessible for the public, but 
> will soon
> be opened). Our goal is to publish in the first place texts by Mandel 
> himself,
> next to commentaries, debates etc. on his work, pictures... We hope we 
> will
> soon be able to put some pieces of film on the website as well, as in 
> november
> the Belgian section is about to edit a new film (90 min.) on Mandel's 
> life and
> work.
> We appeal to all friends and comrades who have any such material 
> available in
> digital form to please send it to info at ernestmandel.org. We welcome 
> all other
> suggestions and in particular any offers of help in scanning material 
> or in the
> technical side of the website in particular in relation to your 
> different
> languages.
> There is also an important task that can't be done by us only; 
> announcement of
> the existance of this site. We appeal to all to make a link to this 
> site and
> spread the word.
> greetings,
> Fréderic Lehembre,
> webmaster www.ernestmandel.org and www.sap-pos.org

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