[Marxism] Capitalism and the Universities Query

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Nov 1 11:01:37 MST 2005

Calvin Broadbent wrote:
> But I wanted to ask why capitalism invests so much money in the teaching and
> propagation of so much unrealistic and otherwordly metaphysics as is
> prominent in today's academy.

Capitalism doesn't invest a single fucking penny in anything! Capitalism
is a huge complex ensemble of social relations involving quite a few
billion people, some 100s of millions of whom have their own share of
power, and not one of whom has a wholly correct conception of his/her
own interests. Every penny invested in universities has gone through a
series of negotiations and interacting events that it would be
impossible to trace in a 10,000 word text. And in addition, what gives
you the illusion that all expenditures of human energy have directly
"economic" motives?

Why does "capitalism" invest in public parks?

The major weakness of contemporary universities from a marxist
perspective is that they don't involve enough "unrealistic and
otherworldly metaphysics," whatever in the hell you mean by that.


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