[Marxism] Daniel Ortega: Help Prevent US Intervention in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua Network - Oct 31, 2005

The Nicaragua Network has been working to expose and stop intervention in
the internal affairs of Nicaragua by the U.S. government for over a quarter
of a century, most recently in connection with trips by U.S. officials to
push Nicaragua to approve CAFTA and to unite the political right in the
country in order to prevent an FSLN victory in the presidential elections of
November 2006.  The Nicaragua Network does not support any candidates in
those elections.  Our position is that the people of Nicaragua have the
sovereign right to choose their leaders without interference from any
foreign power.  In light of this, we have received the following letter from
Daniel Ortega, General Secretary of the FSLN.

Managua, Nicaragua
October 20, 2005

Dear friends, sisters and brothers of the executive committee and staff of
the Nicaragua Network in the United States,

Fraternal greetings to the Nicaragua Network on the occasion of the meeting
of your Executive Committee and Staff in Washington, D.C. October 22nd and
23rd, 2005.

The Sandinista National Liberation Front calls upon our North American
sisters and brothers to support the people of Nicaragua in their struggle
against foreign intervention and foreign domination.

As you know, the Nicaraguan presidential elections will take place in
November 2006. The FSLN does not ask for your support of any Nicaraguan
political party or presidential candidate.

What we ask of the Nicaragua Network is to use all of your efforts to
prevent the U.S. government from interfering, "directly or indirectly"
in the internal affairs of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is a sovereign and democratic nation. It is not appropriate for
any nation, including the United States, to intervene in the internal
affairs of another sovereign and democratic nation.  As you know, the United
States has interfered in the internal affairs of Nicaragua for almost two

We ask that you work, in solidarity with us, to ensure that the Nicaraguan
presidential elections of 2006 are free of all foreign intervention and

Thank you for all your solidarity with Nicaragua for the past 25 years.

We are certain this work will continue and bring us closer in the future.


Daniel Ortega Saavedra 
Former President of Nicaragua 
General Secretary of the Sandinista National Liberation Front
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