[Marxism] James Wolcott on pajamasmedia.com

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 1 17:04:30 MST 2005

(Wolcott used to write for the Village Voice. He knows Corn and Cooper 
well, I would assume.)

Pajama Bottoms
Posted by James Wolcott

I recognize that it is not always easy to be fastidious about the company 
one keeps. You can find yourself being introduced to the most awful ogre at 
a party, someone who may regard you with equal disdain, forced to shake 
hands and grimace a smile because refusing to do so would provoke a "scene" 
that could wend its way into Page Six. Or you may find yourself at a dinner 
party adjacent to someone you vowed you'd never be trapped indoors with 
again, all because the host or hostess conveniently "forgot" to tell you 
Satan's playmate had been invited.

Those things happen.

But I don't understand why someone as politically keen as The Nation's 
David Corn would lend his name to the editorial board of Pajamas Media, the 
greatest assembly of conservative deadbeats since Jonah Goldberg's last 
fondue party. What an illustrious roster of ideological utensils make up 
Pajamas' masthead: Michael Barone...John Podhoretz...Tim Blair...and this 
inveterate stirpot, whose presence all decent men and women should shun 
until proper disinfectant can be found. By allowing his name to be slated 
on the editorial board, Corn is letting himself be used as a figleaf 
enabling Pajamas to pretend that it's a bipartisan effort instead of what 
it so flagrantly is, a neocon popstand.

Does Corn really want to be associated with fun blogs like Little Green 
Footballs and Gates of Vienna ("At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed 
poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old 
war")? I guess he does, because he'll be appearing on a panel at Pajamas' 
gala conference in November in Manhattan, where Roger L. Simon and company 
will break out the ginger ale and announce their new monicker. Then 
everybody will adjourn to invade Syria, if they can arrange transportation

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