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M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Tue Nov 1 18:04:22 MST 2005

Second Anniversary and Call for Support

Dear /Left Hook /Readers,

This month marks the second anniversary of our publication. When we
first initiated/ Left Hook/ in November 2003, we hoped to make a modest
contribution to the American Left by creating a space that was sorely
lacking: an independent, online presence for young leftists to express
their ideas, network with one another, share experiences and gain

It is, of course, up to the reader to gauge to what extent we have
succeeded. Looking over the past two years, however, we take some pride
in the fact that hundreds of college and high school-aged youth have
learned from each other and written inspiring pieces that have been read
by hundreds of thousands of visitors - young, old, and everything in

We are equally glad to note that, despite the heavy pressures of
jingoism, and paranoia – pressures which often come from the “left” as
much as the right in America - /Left Hook/ has maintain a principled
leftist position since its inception, allowing us to continuously
publicize and support key efforts on the ground such as the anti-war
movement, which we have defended not only through analysis, but ground
reports and interviews with Iraq war veterans and student anti-war

However, our success is ultimately determined by *you*: our readers and
supporters. Without your help, we cannot maintain the journal’s quality,
sponsor more contests, conduct enough interviews, or pay for more web
space. We work hard to constantly improve – more updates, more original
material, more youth content, better redesigns, a new blog, and so on –
but what's needed to keep this unique endeavor going is *your financial

We run donation drives just twice a year. Six months ago, we set a goal
of $3,500. We barely made half that, but, undaunted, we kept plugging
away, hoping to earn your support later on. We have no corporate
sponsors, no business cronies, and, sadly, no rich Yale graduates here.
Just two intensely overworked college students doing all the writing,
editing, updating, outreach, and web work you have enjoyed at this space
for two years.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to please support this important project by
making a donation today. <http://lefthook.org/Support.html>

We are setting the very modest goal of just $2,500 to keep us going this
time around. Given all the work, time, and energy Left Hook requires,
*we cannot continue without meeting this goal* by month’s end. So,
please contribute <http://lefthook.org/Support.html>if you value what is
produced here, and encourage friends to do the same.

As an additional incentive, we are offering a free gift to anyone making
a contribution of $40 or more: the book Is There an Islamic Problem?,

praised by Noam Chomsky as “informed by deep understanding of the
cultural and economic history of Islamic and European societies, and of
influential contemporary scholarship and debate;” the author is M.
Shahid Alam <http://counterpunch.org/shahid10292005.html>, father of one
of the editors, professor of economics at Northeastern University and –
most praiseworthy from our point of view – a target of Bill O’Reilly’s
televised wrath on Fox News last year!

Thank you for supporting Left Hook <http://lefthook.org/Support.html> –
still the only online independent leftist youth journal in America.

The Editors
Derek Seidman and M. Junaid Alam

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