[Marxism] Wolcott on David Corn part 2

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 2 12:22:02 MST 2005

Pajama Bottoms (II)
Posted by James Wolcott

It's rare that I extend a helping hand.

Not that I'm a churlish, selfish person. Far from it.

It's just that my gestures of goodwill seem to make most people wary. They 
assume I'm "up to something."

Yet my motives are pure, my intentions innocent.

So when I question David Corn's lending his name to a dubious enterprise 
like Pajamas Media, my purpose is to save him from possible embarrassment 
and shame. It's easy to fall in with the wrong crowd and have your 
reputation dragged through the circus sawdust.

Unfortunately, Corn fails to accept the spirit of Samaritan goodwill that 
made me wonder what he was doing consorting with this band of crumb-bums.

He retorts: "I look forward to a new Internet enterprise that seeks to 
promote varying views, even if the idea came from conservatives. And if 
James Wolcott, whose work I admire and respect, can bring himself to be 
associated with a magazine (which I admire and respect) that makes mucho 
bucks by placing Paris Hilton's jugs in front of our mugs, perhaps I can 
see if being associated with rightwingers will benefit this blog, my work, 
and my readers. If not, I'll be happy to chuck it all for a column at 
Vanity Fair. James, thanks for the vote of confidence."

"Jugs" is not a word I would have associated with Corn's word processor. 
Perhaps he confused Vanity Fair with another fine publication, whose 
editors would no doubt consider Miss Hilton's upper assets a bit on the 
dainty side for their audience's tastes.

To be fair, Corn is distressed by the late entry into the Pajamas board of 
supremeo political hack Cliff May and the odious Ledeen, and vows to fling 
ginger ale if the blog panel in which he's participating veers off into a 
war dance. But I foresee a darker scenario, something closer to The Masque 
of the Red Death.

Corn is going to be seated at the Rainbow Room listening to keynote speaker 
Judy Miller justify her journalistic debauchery and his eyes will begin to 
wander the room, the faces of his fellow board members and new comrades 
swimming before him...

John Podhoretz...Roger L. Simon...Charles Johnson...Michael 
Barone...May...Ledeen...Glenn Reynolds...Mark Steyn...Larry Kudlow...Dr. 
Josef Mengele...the ghost of Roy Cohn, chewing on a chicken carcass...

And his soul will utter the silent cry, Sweet baby Moses, what have I got 
myself into?

As the Rainbow Room whirls like a carousel gone berserk, flinging bloggers 
and waiters into the abyss.

So endeth my prophecy. I have done what I can, I can do no more.



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