[Marxism] Slaves in Brazil

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I am no pundit on Brazil.  But have read not so few authors on this
issue from Gilberto Freyre to Darcy Ribeiro, including among others
Jaguaribe, de Castro, Prado Júnior and still a few others.

All of them agree in that aboriginal peoples were not suited to slave

Renato: These are ancient authors, biased by ancient beliefs. As a matter of
fact, the poorer parts of colonial Brazil, as São Paulo, far from the eyes
of Portuguese authorities, used American Indians as working slaves in
plantations and the so-called Bandeirantes which explored the vast
hinterland of the country were searching precious stones, gold and American
Indians; some became famous as "apresadores de índios". American Indians
were searched for slavery as far as the 19th century. I know this because I
am a mischling from whites and American Indians..
See recent authors as João Manuel Cardoso de Mello, in "O Capitalismo

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