[Marxism] Role Of CPUSA In US Civil Rights Struggle

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Thu Nov 3 04:55:28 MST 2005

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Can anyone shed any light on the role, if any, the CPUSA played both in what 
Rosa Parks did and the ensuing civil rights campaign throughout the Southern 
states. I've heard from comrades in the US that Rosa's act was not the 
spontaneous action of a girl filled with moral outrage, but rather strategically 
planned and carried out with the backing of CPUSA activists.
Is this true?

rosa parks was 42 years of age in 1955, she was local naacp member -
and chapter secretary, i think - in montgomery...

incident was not first run-in she had with transit authority, nor was 
she first to consciously and willingly break jim crow law, re. public 
transit, refusal to give up seats/sit in back of bus had been going on 
some time (i believe that jackie robinson was acquitted in a court 
martial proceeding for incident at ft. hood, tx during ww2), most 
'infractions' were never recorded, no arrests, no 'legal' taken action, 
drivers (often helped by white rider/s) would throw person off a 
bus, in famous '55 instance, however, driver had forcibly removed 
parks fron *his* bus in past, that may have served to provoke said 
driver to call police and have her arrested...
rosa parks had attended highlander school in tennessee, established in 
'30s, highlander did labor and civil rights education, socialist party
members were among founders, google in myles horton (don't recall
if he was there at start, but he was school's director for long time)... 
michael hoover
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