[Marxism] Role of CPUSA in US Civil Rights Struggle

James Zarichny zarichny at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 05:14:07 MST 2005

Ann Braden played an important role in the Civil
Rights struggle.  She remained in the CP even after
the massive exodus of 1956=57 (when I left).  Can
anyone fill in on her activities?  I especially hope
that Hunter Bear could comment on her activities. 
According to the reports I heard, he worked closely
with her.  A few years later, I was very closely
involved with the Southern Student Organizing
Committee (SSOC) and from them heard a great deal
about Ann.  I lived in New York at the time and had a
spare bed room.  The SSOC kids stayed with me when in
New York, so I had a running report.  Among others I
got to know Ann Romaine and her husband Howard.  Ann
Romaine was the folk singer from Gastonia, North
Carolina, who was writing a book with Malcolm X at the
time he was assassinated. 
       Jim Zarichny

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