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Defend free speech in Boston high schools
November 2, 2005
--- please distribute this appeal widely ---

By Jennifer Hoerres, sophomore at Academy of the Pacific Rim (Boston,
MA) and activist with Youth Against War and Racism

             Today, Nov 2, we organized a walkout and protest against
Bush's war in Iraq and military recruiters. However, my principal, Mr.
Anselme, and my dean of students, Jonathan Diamond, informed us at
lunch that if we participated in this protest we would be suspended
for 3 days (much longer than if we simply skipped out of school for no
good reason on another day). This is a violation of our free speech
rights and is effectively denying dozens of students interested in
participating in the democratic issues the right to organize.

             Well a lot of us decided to walk out anyway.  3/4s of our
high-school walked out.  I can say I walked out with my head held high
knowing I was doing this for a good cause.  I primarily walked out to
learn more about history and the facts but not what is taught in
history books.  I can say I learned about something my school doesn't
offer and it was a learning experience of a lifetime.

             I am asking you to call and/or e-mail my principal and
dean of students, and urge them to respect our free speech rights and
take back all their threats of suspensions.  Their contact information
is listed below.

             Also students from other high-schools in Boston have
gotten even worse threats from their principals.  Both Cambridge
Rindge and Latin and Boston Latin Academy threatened suspensions.
They are really trying to intimidate the students at Boston Latin
Academy.  We got an e-mail from a student there saying, "I go to
Boston Latin Academy, I'm in the 8th grade and i walked out of school
today... I went to the commons with 3 friends and my girlfriend. All
of which have been threatened with up to THREE WEEKS OF SUSPENSION AND
NO CREDIT FOR THE TERM. I need help, we all do."

Please help us make these threats only threats by calling and/or
e-mailing the principals of those schools too.


Academy of the Pacific Rim:
   Principal Anselme -- 617-361-0050 x157
   Dean Diamond -- 617-361-0050 x142

Boston Latin Academy:
   Headmaster Garcia-Aaronson -- 617-635-9957

Cambridge Rindge and Latin:
   Principal Knight -- 617-349-6630

Thank you so much for your support.

Jennifer Hoerres, sophomore at Academy of the Pacific Rim, Boston MA
Youth Against War and Racism
jennyftb24 at aim.com

"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor 
freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without 
plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning... 
Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." - 
Frederick Douglass, 1857

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world; the point is to change 
it." - Karl Marx




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