[Marxism] U.S. government suspends hurricane assistance to Cuba

alan ginsberg aginsberg at lycos.com
Thu Nov 3 11:20:28 MST 2005

The utter shamelessness of U.S. government 
official mouthpieces never ceases to amaze me.

>From the Associated Press

A plan to send three American relief specialists 
to Cuba to assess damage from Hurricane Wilma has 
been suspended because Cuba wanted to turn the 
visit into a discussion of unrelated issues, the 
State Department said. Cuban officials wanted to 
use the mission to discuss their vision for 
"regional disaster response," said Sean 
McCormack, a spokesman. "We are unwilling to turn 
a humanitarian mission into a political 
dialogue," he said. He said the United States was 
providing Cuba $100,000 in hurricane relief 
through nongovernmental organizations. (AP)


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