who will play the decisive role in Iraq? Re: [Marxism] George W. Bush as a new King George

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu Nov 3 17:56:08 MST 2005

This "historian" manages to obliterate the decisive factor in 
the Revolutionary War--the French intervention.  Who in Iraq 
is supposed to play the role of de LaFayette? Of de Grasse? 
of Louis XVI? And don't talk about that fictional construct, 

Shane Mage

Hi Shane

Good question.  First you assume here that there has to be an 
outside intervention for the Iraq resistance to succeed.

I am inclined to agree and also think that if there is to be 
a decisive intervention from outside Iraq then it will have 
to come from the Arab street in countries such as Egypt and 
Syria. If the pro-American Arab regimes are seriously 
threatened from below then that will herald the defeat of the 

Iran could also possibly play a very decisive role if it is 
truly convinced that it is about to be attacked. But my early 
belief in Seymour Hersch's prediction of a bombing campaign 
is beginning to fade.  Certainly the Iranians are acting as 
if they are safe - hence the provocative remarks about the 
elimination of Israel. That was never intended as more than 
rhetoric but if the Iranian ruling elites were convinced that 
there was going to be an attack on Iran then there would be a 
clamp down on even verbal provocations.
The other source of possible outside intervention is the 
American public.  I know Nick discounts this completely, but 
the pro-war lobby in the states is crumbling.  Moreover every 
single test of public opinion shows that opposition to the 
war and to Bush is growing rapidly. Should that opposition 
take an activist or even a militant turn, then surely we 
would have the decisive intervention.

In any case the war is set to continue and every time that 
Bush has tried to pull a rabbit out of the, he has been left 
grasping nothing. the current situation can last maybe 
another year, then there will be serious moves by the 
American people and sections of the ruling class to force a 



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