[Marxism] Re: Spiked online update

Ed George edgeorge at usuarios.retecal.es
Fri Nov 4 11:38:23 MST 2005

Louis Proyect: 'www.spiked-online.com is the website of a group of 
ex-Marxists in England who are also involved with a number of innocuous 
sounding think-tanks like "Institute for Ideas", etc.'


Sorry to be pedantic, Louis (but if I didn't think it important I 
wouldn't do it), but, given that, as far as I am aware, the Spiked 
people, whatever else they may well do, do not make a particular virtue 
out of not being Scottish or Welsh, that sentence of yours really has to 
have the word 'Britain' in place of 'England' in it.

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