[Marxism] Re What were capitalism's original economic imperatives

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 15:23:21 MST 2005

How about the an _orignal_ imperative to foreign "trade" , derived from the
owning more capital than can be invested profitably domestically, as the
type of imperative that might generate merchantilism, colonialism and
slavery ? That might be Lou's direct answer to my question.
 Well, yes obviously. But does an epochal shift actually happen simply as
the result of a single economic imperative? Did mercantilism as a policy
exist independently of the emergence of the centralized nation state? Didn't
capitalism, at its birth, expand in no small part from the "territorial
logic of capital" as Harvy puts it-- from the response of European nation
states (i.e. the English) to the competitve pressure of other emergent
nation states (i.e. the Dutch, or French) in the world market system-- as
well as from the "economic logic of capital"?
Bob M

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