[Marxism] Great NYTimes Article on L. American Summit Protests

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Sat Nov 5 07:31:57 MST 2005

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina

Nov. 4 - President Bush's troubles trailed him to an international
summit meeting here on Friday as anti-Bush protesters turned violent
just blocks from the gathering site, and Hugo Chávez


fiery populist leader, rallied a soccer stadium filled with at least
25,000 people against the United States

Mr. Chávez, who has tried to use the summit meeting to stage a showdown
with Mr. Bush, pronounced dead a free trade accord backed by Mr. Bush,
the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Left-wing groups throughout Latin
America have long opposed the agreement, and some governments want more
generous terms from Washington, so Mr. Bush had come here with hopes of
jump-starting the stalled negotiations.

With the two-day summit meeting scheduled to end Saturday, negotiators
were still struggling to find language endorsing the concept of free
trade that would satisfy both the United States, its chief booster, and
skeptics such as Brazil

and Argentina, who have complained of American agricultural subsidies.

"Every one of us has brought a shovel, because Mar del Plata is going to
be the tomb of F.T.A.A.," Mr. Chávez said. "F.T.A.A. is dead, and we,
the people of the Americas, are the ones who buried it."


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